My Ten Angels

01 Mar

My Ten Angels

Ten angels walk beside me, each and every day.
Ten angels help to guide me, to give comfort and protect.
They have been my companions since I was very young.

Now you ask me, ”Why Ten?
Do you think you are special?
Why not one, or two, or three?
Why ten?
Surely you don’t need so many.”

Well, each and every angel has a special job to do.
Yes, it seems that even angels specialize.

All of us know
Faith, Hope, and Charity.
They are wonderful angels, and all so overworked!

But there are seven more you see,
and each and every one gives comfort and protects.

The Fourth angel is the angel I call

whom I fear we do not use enough,
for if we did there would
not be any bigotry or hate.

The next angel is the one I call

who is under utilized as well.
Who among us could not do with
more Forgiveness in our hearts.

Then we have the angel I call

We all see so much ugliness in life.
I don’t know a single soul who
couldn’t do with more Beauty
in their life.

The next two angels are the twins I call
Joy and Happiness.

They are the most often seen walking
hand in hand.

My favorite angel is the one I call

This little angel is the on who can
bring real riches to our lives.
I have often heard her saying,
”To have a friend,
one must first be a friend.”

And do you know, it works!!

And last but in no way least,
is the angel I call

Sometimes she seem so shy and it
seems like she is sleeping.
But she is always near.
If we would only open up our hearts
and just see her standing there.

For if we did, then all the other Angels would be
easier to see.

It is my belief that we all have Ten Angels walking
beside us.

They are sent from God, to see us through,
to guide, comfort and protect us
until the day we join Him
in the place we call Heaven.

Take time to notice
the angels around you!

Pass this on to a friend we all need to know our angels!

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